Weather for Lees Ferry
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It is forcast to be Chance of a Thunderstorm at 11:00 PM MST on July 29, 2014
Chance of a Thunderstorm
It is forcast to be Clear at 11:00 PM MST on July 30, 2014
It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 11:00 PM MST on July 31, 2014
Partly Cloudy
It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 11:00 PM MST on August 01, 2014
Partly Cloudy
It is forcast to be Partly Cloudy at 11:00 PM MST on August 02, 2014
Partly Cloudy
It is forcast to be Chance of Rain at 11:00 PM MST on August 03, 2014
Chance of Rain

Cliff Dwellers Lodge sits at an elevation of a little over 4,000-feet in the rain shadow of the Kaibab Plateau (North Rim) 8,500-feet, to the south and west, and the Vermilion Cliffs (Pariah Plateau) 7,500-feet directly to our North.  Both of these high plateaus collect most of the moisture that comes our way. We normally get 6.5 inches of rain and it is not uncommon for most of it to occur in just a few storms which are often associated with our Monsoon Season, July-October.

We generally get snow a few times in the winter, but it is rare that it lasts more than a few hours before melting. Our spring usually begins the middle of February and the weather this time of year can be anything.

Our summers are warm to hot, but the humidity is normally low so it is a very tolerable dry heat.

Our fall weather begins in September and continues through the middle of November; this is usually the best weather of the year.

The Colorado River at Lees Ferry is 850-feet lower than the lodge, so expect the weather to be different. In the summer, the temps may be 5- to 10-degrees warmer along the river; however, because the water temp is 48 degrees, the air temps on the river can be 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

Monthly Averages for Marble Canyon, AZ (86036)
Month Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Avg. Precip. Record High Record Low
Jan 43°F 26°F 35°F 0.61 in. 64°F (1975) -11°F (1963)
Feb 50°F 30°F 41°F 0.48 in. 72°F (1986) 6°F (1989)
Mar 59°F 37°F 48°F 0.65 in. 82°F (1971) 18°F (1962)
Apr 69°F 44°F 56°F 0.50 in. 91°F (2000) 25°F (1975)
May 78°F 53°F 66°F 0.40 in. 103°F (2002) 31°F (1967)
Jun 90°F 62°F 76°F 0.14 in. 107°F (1970) 44°F (1993)
Jul 95°F 68°F 82°F 0.58 in. 109°F (1985) 56°F (1982)
Aug 92°F 66°F 79°F 0.69 in. 106°F (1969) 46°F (1968)
Sep 84°F 58°F 71°F 0.66 in. 100°F (1977) 40°F (1970)
Oct 70°F 47°F 58°F 0.99 in. 93°F (1963) 24°F (1971)
Nov 54°F 35°F 44°F 0.56 in. 77°F (1988) 16°F (1976)
Dec 44°F 27°F 35°F 0.48 in. 66°F (1977) 1°F (1990)