Skip Dixon

Skip Dixon has been guiding at Lees Ferry since Oct., 1999. In his first year at the Ferry, he guided an astounding 267 days! Skip was born in 1969 and raised in Manassas Va., where he began fishing an early age. After high school, he joined the Marine Corps where he served in Security Forces and traveled the world.

He has always wanted to be a professional fisherman. When not fly fishing for trout, he is an avid saltwater and accomplished bass angler. He catches “double digit” bass regularly and has the pictures to prove it. Besides fishing, Skip has a worked for several years in the fishing retail business. He spent the summer of 2003 guiding in Alaska as a fly-out guide specializing in sight casting for trout. He has been featured in several magazines and is acknowledged for developing the “tease and switch” technique for fly fishing Lake Powell striped bass.

Skip also traveled to the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan in July, 2005 and  to the Patagonia region of Chile in South American during January, 2006.

Skip loves to teach people the finer art of fly fishing. He feels that watching people develop their skills is the most rewarding aspect of his job. He is at home guiding beginners or expert anglers and his enthusiasm for his sport is only exceeded by his desire for his customers to have an enjoyable outing.

Skip has appeared on Fly Fish TV, filmed at Less Ferry with Terry and Wendy Gunn. The episode is titled Lees Ferry Tales and is available on DVD. Skip has also now been selected to represent Simms as a guide ambassador, hand-picked as one of the top guides in his field. You can read more about Skip on the Simms Website.