Natalie Jensen

To put it simply, I have been a fisher as far back as I can remember, thanks to the inspiration of my grandfather. It was after I moved to Northern Arizona in 1988, specifically Lees Ferry, that I became hooked on fly fishing. I have worked for Lees Ferry Anglers since 1996.  My early career was spent taking care of our customers in the fly shop which I loved; however, I have always been drawn to guiding.

Now, I live for fishing, and those many other rewards that come along with a day at the rivers edge. One of my fondest pleasures is seeing somebody else enjoy the experience and challenge of fly fishing as much as I do. I love the nature of it all, tying, casting, gear, the flies, the water, the sun, the earth and its treasures, and let’s not forget the fish.

I look forward to many more years of working in the industry, along with the discovery of new waters and experiences.