Jeff English

Growing up in the rural Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Jeff English began fishing with his grandfather before he attended school. His enthusiasm for the outdoors led him to Flagstaff, Ariz., where college took a backseat to the light powder skiing of the western U.S.  Skiing became a lifestyle for Jeff, who made it to the mountain over 100 days a year for the next several years.

Reluctantly deciding to settle down a bit, Jeff sold real estate for 7 years, then switched to selling Yellow Page advertising for the next 6. The Yellow Pages job allowed him the freedom to create his own schedule which he used learning to fly fish at Lees Ferry.

Jeff discovered Lees Ferry in 1978 and has been fishing here ever since. His love for this amazing fishery is probably exemplified most by the calendars he photographed and published single -handed in 1990 and ’91. He also designed and published the first comprehensive river map of the Lees Ferry section of the Colorado river. Guiding seemed the next logical step, so he began this new career in 1990 and never looked back. After 10 years of guiding, Jeff was invited to become a partner with Lees Ferry Anglers in 2000.

Jeff’ also guided for No See Um Lodge in Bristol Bay Alaska for four seasons. As an Alaskan Guide, he focused on the 30+ inch wild rainbows that region of Alaska is known for. During that time, Jeff guided more than 250 days a year between Alaska and Lees Ferry.

Some of Jeff’s accomplishments include photos and articles that have appeared in Fly Fisherman Magazine, Fly Rod & Reel, and Trout Unlimited. He also hosted television shows with Jim and Kelly Watt for Fly Fishing Video Magazine.

Jeff also has volunteered countless days of his own time representing the recreational benefits of Lees Ferry as a stakeholder for the Adaptive Management Working Group. His participation to this cause has provided valuable information for the science community to understand the ecology of the fishery known as Lees Ferry.

Jeff English has in excess of 3,000 days guiding; combine this with his sales experience and you have  a professional who knows how to sell fun in a truly beautiful setting. He works well with everyone, from the experts to the first timers, he is great at teaching.

Jeff, Thank you for the card and note. What a fun day for Doug and me!! You were a terrific guide. Therefore, my first fly fishing experience was great!  I’ve been bragging on you a lot here in Kansas and in Texas to my family. Everyone wants to know how many fish I caught, and I always say, “Jeff and I caught eight.”  I couldn’t have done it without you.  And thanks for the pictures! Also, did you take the picture on the front of the thank you note? Doug and I decided you probably did. Again, thank you for making it such a special day. Maybe we can return some day. Best wishes for the remainder of your fly fishing season!

Dana Perdue – Elkhart, Kansas