Guide Service FAQs

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How long is a guided trip?

You will be on the river for approximately 8-½ hours. We only do full day expeditions.

How do I make a reservation?

Easy. Call us at 1-800-962-9755 to inquire about our availability. We are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

Is this wading or from a boat?

Both. Your guide will take you upriver on their boat. Depending on the flow rate and fishing conditions, you may be doing either, or a combination of the two. If you have a physical condition that prevents you from wading or prefer to fish out of the boat we can do that.

Do I have the guide all to myself?

Yes. Even if you come by yourself.

 What do I need to bring?

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Do they have rods for us to use?

If you do not own your own flyrod, no worries. Our guides all have extra rods that you may use for your guided trip.

Can somebody ride along?

Yes.  For a non-fishing guest there will be an additional fee of $20, which includes a lunch for the rider.

What type of boats?

All of our guides have 20-foot Koflers with an inboard 8 cylinder motor and a jet pump. These boats are all covered and very comfortable. Your guide is also a licensed Coast Guard Captain.   

Do I need to bring Lunch?

Lunch is included in the guide package. You are however more than welcome to bring any snacks. The guide will have plenty of room on the boat. If you have any special dietary needs please let the shop know at least 24 hours before your trip. You are responsible to bring any beverages. You can bring your own cooler or the guide will have plenty of room in his cooler.

What type of fishing?

Primarily nymphing, but we also frequently use a dry and a dropper. You may be fishing from the boat, or wading from the shore, which will be determined by current fishing conditions and water levels.

Do I need waders?

You may rent waders from our Fly Shop. If you are fishing with one of our guides, the (discounted) fee for this is $10.

Can I spin fish?

Yes.  Just let us know. Spin fishing is very productive on the river. However, we encourage you to keep in mind that this would be an excellent opportunity to learn how to fly fish if you have never done so in the past and you have the desire.

What type of fish and what size?

Rainbow Trout. The average size of these trout is determined by fishing conditions, or the time of year. Expect fish anywhere from 12 to 17-inches. These fish are all healthy and strong.

Any big fish?

  Definitely.   Once you are upriver and you stare into the crystal clear water of our fishery, you will most likely see some rainbow trout that you could spend your entire day chasing and trying to catch. On some days, you might be lucky.