What to Bring

What do I need to Bring?

You are welcome to bring any equipment/items that you would like to take on your trip; there is plenty of room on the boat. There are only a few items which you will be required to bring, or obtain at our Fly Shop:

  1. Water (available at our fly shop)
  2. 9-foot 5X Leader (available at our fly shop)
  3. Arizona Fishing License (available at our fly shop)
  4. Proper clothing
  5. Waders (available at our fly shop)

What do we provide?

  • 8 hours upriver
  • Lunch (let us know if you have special dietary needs)
  • Flies (charged for flies lost at end of day)
  • Rod (if necessary)
  • Specially outfitted power-driven riverboats (we pay for fuel)
  • Professional Fly Fishing Guide (U.S Coast Guard Captain licensed)

What type of clothing?

Summer: Lightweight, light colors, long sleeve shirt for sun protection, hat
Spring and Fall: Light sweater for morning, long sleeve shirt, rain jacket
Winter: Very warm clothing to be layered, ski-type parka, hats, gloves and boots, thermal turtlenecks, etc.
What else do you suggest we bring?
  • Fly Rod (5-weight, 9-foot)
  • 5X, 6X, or 7X tippet
  • Waders (we rent them)
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Western tailwater flies
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain gear