Guides and Services


Your day will begin at Lees Ferry Anglers Fly Shop. Or, you might meet your guide by the water’s edge at  the site of John Lee’s historic ferry crossing. Boarding one of our 20-foot shallow draft riverboats, you’ll stow your gear and soon be humming up river.

Your guide might start you wading a productive gravel bar where he’s spotted fish working in the shallows … or at the edge of a deep pool. Fishing at the elbow of a Lees Ferry Anglers guide puts a lifetime of experience at your fingertips. When a fishing professional works on a river day after day, week after week, season after season, he learns all its intricacies. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, you’ll gain from that knowledge. You’ll receive helpful suggestions about fly patterns, casting techniques or fly-fishing strategies. Our guides have a collective 100+ years of experience on this and other famous rivers.

We all know there’s more to fishing than just fishing. Our guide/captains are highly knowledgeable about local history, geology and wildlife … and are ready to share that knowledge with you.

As the sun hits the water and shadows change, you’ll discover new locations … new fish. Noon becomes afternoon and shadows fall. You’ll see things in the rocks and canyons you never saw before. Is that a giant eagle’s head or a shadow? A bighorn sheep? A condor? Or a small tree clinging to a rock? One last cast and then another. A last cast.  Let this be the one last cast. One more. The day is ended.

The time on the water. Where did it go?

Each Lees Ferry Anglers guide is full time professional guide (no part timers here!) and an expert in fly fishing and instruction, a licensed US Coast Guard Captain,  and is a Licensed Guide by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and also certified in CPR and first aid. Lees Ferry Anglers is a permittee of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, National Park Service and is fully insured.

Others might claim to be the best; we would rather let the fish and our customers do the bragging for us!