Is there a guide service?

We do not offer a guide service for the Walk-In section of the Colorado River, however we do offer 8.5 hour guided fishing trips upriver.

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Where is the Walk-In?

The Walk-In is located in the Lees Ferry Recreational Area. There will be a sign that says “Gravel Bar,” which is on your right after you cross the Paria River. Park here. It’s about a 2 minute walk to the river.

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Nymphing, or Dry Flies?

We are primarily a nymph fishery, especially in the Walk-In. Dries can be used, but use them at your own discretion.

Do I need waders?

Yes! Waders are necessary. This water is cold. You may rent waders/boots at our Fly Shop for a fee of $20/per day. 

What type of water? 

This is very big water, which can be intimidating if you’re used to small creeks. There is fast water, idle water, pocket water, and even some riffles. This is perfect water for any angler – beginner, or expert.

What type of Rod?

We suggest that you use a 9-foot 5-weight rod.