The Seasons


Cold mornings, cool and pleasant days giving way to an afternoon chill. This is spawn time, providing great opportunities to sight-cast to large trout using egg patterns and small attractors. There will often be midge fishing, both wet and dry.


Cool nights in March and April, giving way to warmer weather by early- to mid-May. Mix of spawners and feeding fish will test your skills at both sight-casting and nymph fishing traditional riffles and runs. It’s the season of sight-casting tiny midges to trout as they drift in and out of feeding lanes.


Warm nights and hot days. The spawn is over, so you’ll be sight-casting to feeding fish with dry flies; nymph fishing runs and riffles. A nymph fished through riffles and runs can be rewarding. Very rewarding. July the cicadas start to sing and depending on the year, we get a massive hatch and the fish will slam big dry flies.


Cooling weather can be anticipated, but essentially the same techniques as in summer. By mid-October, your guide will be looking for the nests of early spawners.

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