The River

Lees Ferry is a tailwater fishery (water that flows from a dam) with consistent temperature of 46-48 degrees. We are located on the Colorado River directly below Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.  It is the 15.5mile section of river that flows through the last remaining free flowing section of Glen Canyon. The launch ramp is located near the historic Lees Ferry river crossing established by John D Lee. From 1873 until 1927, this was the only place to cross the Colorado river for more than 100 miles in each direction

Lees ferry is a 365 days a year trout fishery. And, because of the constant water flow with enormous quantities of insects, scuds and other food, the growth of rainbow trout is extremely rapid.

We drove up after the conference in Las Vegas. What a great afternoon through the Southwest desert. (I had to keep reminding myself that I had to be back in New York on Monday.) Everything was just as you promised . . . even the weather cooperated. I don’t think I’ll ever come West again without budgeting two or three days at Lees Ferry.

–Morton Stern, M.D.,  Poughkeepsie, NY