Properly Attach and Remove Spitshot From Your Leader.

Often the difference between success and failure when nymphing is to have the right amount of split shot on your line. If you are using lead shot it is very important that you recycle and reuse your lead spit shot. This is easy to do if it is properly applied to the line in the first place.

Most people use hemostats or pliers to attach the split shot. That is OK as long as you do not crush or distort the shot. If you do that it will slip and you cannot get it off. I always put a knot below the shot so it will not slip.

You might be surprised how easy it is to attach the shot by simply  squeezing the shot onto the leader using your fingers.

To get the shot off, simply place your fingernails on each side of the split and open it up and put in back in the container to use again.