Lees Ferry Scud Tying Receipe


Lees Ferry Scud

Hook Daiichi 1560 # 14

Fine copper wire

Thread 6.0 mono sprectra blend dubbing

Deer hair grey

Starting just behind the eye of the hook, over lap fine wire about 1/8 inch over the eye of the hook, wrap then bend wire back behind the eye and wrap again

After wrapping wire to the bend of the shank, keep thread there at the bend.

Now replace the hook in the vice at a 46% angle

Place about 10 deer hairs in hair stacker and tap lightly

Take hair out of stacker and grab about 1/8 inch of hair and place it on the back of the hook only allowing 1/8 of hair over the back of the hook and wrap tightly with thread

Place small amounts of dubbing on thread about 3 inches down the thread a little loose taper dubbing from thin to thick to thin again ( cigar shape )

Wrap dubbing around hook toward the eye tapering again

Now take the wire you left at the back of the hook and slowly and evenly wrap wire toward the eye about 4 even wraps

Tie off wire and snip remaining wire, and whip finish.

Using a small piece of Velcro 1/4 inch wide tease dubbing, then pick out with a dubbing pick in a down ward motion using fingers smooth dubbing and cut even with the gap in the hook.