Attaching a Yarn Srtike Indicator to your Leader

For years we have used yarn strike indicators here at Lees Ferry and on other rivers. They work great; they float high and are very sensitive to and motion or strike. There are lots of different types of strike indicators, however, when it come to a delicate presentation, a yarn indicator is hard to beat. be aware that not all yarn is created equal. You want to find a good braided polly yarn, do not use glo-bug yarn…it sinks. Also, I like to use a color of yarn that is not too bright but I can still see well. I like green or white and try to avoid red, orange, or yellow as they spook fish in clear water.

To start you want to cut a small section of yarn. I always try to use the smallest indicator possible as it is easier to cast.

Next you will make a loop in your leader the proper height above the fly. A good rule of thumb is twice the distance above the fly as the water is deep, in fast water.

Now you need to make a slip loop.

Now you take the yarn and place it in the middle of the loop.

Now you want to pull the knot tight making sure that it seats at the bottom of the yarn, not around the base of the yarn. This will make it stand up when on the water.

When you are finished with the knot it should look like this.

Now you want to take a pair of sharp scissors a trim off all the loose fibers and trim it to the size that you desire.

Next you need to add some floatant. Most people put way too much on, use it sparingly.

Now you need to rub the silicone into the fibers and fluff it out and you are done.

The same slip knot works for thingamabobbers.